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Run Windows virtual desktops hosted by
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LEAF OS by NComputing is a small Linux-based operating system providing the basis for thin client computing. It enables users to access virtual desktops using their personal computers, including out-of-date x86/x64 PCs and laptops.

Deployable in two different configurations, LEAF OS gives you both permanent and temporary access. First, it can be installed directly on a hard drive converting the host computer into a powerful thin client. This method of repurposing PCs extends the usefulness of aging computers. Alternatively LEAF OS can be run from a USB drive. USB booting leaves the user's existing operating system, files, and hard drive untouched while providing an ideal environment for work-from-home use cases. When users finish their work, a simple reboot to their native OS restores their device to personal use.


Empower Work From Home

Booting to a USB stick with LEAF OS on any PC/laptop. Provide simple, secure, and fully functional anytime, anywhere access to virtual desktop environments..



Repurpose aging PCs & Laptops.

Save your money and get out of the PC-refresh cycle. Put off forced investment in new hardware until is makes sense for you.


Reduce Maintenance

Reduce maintenance & simplify

Push configurations and updates to a LEAF USB stick or device via a centralized management platform. All user data is stored on the server, making backups simple.



Securely built on Linux

The fully locked-down Linux platform is secure, protecting users against 3rd party applications and common threats.


Transparent USB Redirection

Expand USB capabilities

Using drivers on the server opens up extensive peripheral support capabilities for printers, touch screens, and other devices.



Choose your platform

LEAF OS is compatible with Microsoft AVD, RDS, vSpace Pro Enterprise, and VERDE VDI.


Enable BYOD

A bootable USB memory stick can be created containing LEAF OS. Any x86/x64 hardware device can boot to LEAF OS and instantly becoming a locked-down NComputing thin client. LEAF OS does not replace the underlying operating system in this case. When users finish their work, simply reboot from the native OS providing an ideal work-from-home environment.


LeafOS on laptops

Revitalize the old computers

LEAF OS can also be flashed directly to the internal hard drive, turning any x86/x64 PC or laptop (with BIOS or UEFI motherboard firmware) into a permanently repurposed, high-performance thin client.

Deliver Windows Desktops with vSpace Pro

Computers running LEAF OS can deliver virtual desktops from any one of 11 popular Windows operating systems via vSpace Pro virtualization software, including Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 (Enterprise edition only).

Windows 10



PMC Device Management Software provides a powerful solution to manage all your devices from a browser including LAN and WAN network deployments, locations behind firewalls and NAT-routers. PMC Device Management is included with your LEAF OS license.


USB Support

LEAF OS driven computers utilize device drivers from the server to provide extensive peripheral support including mass storage, printers, scanners, smart card readers, headsets, speakers, webcams, signature pads, and COM ports.

Single-touch and multi-touch screens are also supported with a built-in calibration tool.

Licensing info and free trial offer

Licensing requirements for LEAF OS

LEAF OS is compatible with the latest releases of vSpace Pro Enterprise, VERDE VDI, and VERDE Remote Access. For a 30-day trial of LEAF OS, VERDE VDI, or our other products, fill out the form below.

vSpace Pro Enterprise

A LEAF OS trial is built-in, supporting up to five 10-minute concurrent sessions. After 10 minutes, the sessions will be signed out. You can sign-in again to continue evaluating the product.

To remove the trial limits, LEAF OS Connection Licenses are required based on the number of computers running LEAF OS concurrently. This is separate from AMP compliance requirements for use of vSpace Pro Enterprise, however LEAF OS does NOT require its own AMP license.


There are two different license types.

  • VERDE Remote Access license: allows Remote Access connections to physical PCs through the VERDE Connection Broker.
  • VERDE VDI license: allows full access to the VERDE platform, including VDI sessions from VERDE servers and Remote Access to PCs as described above.

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